Sunday, December 27

European Prize of Sacred Architecture 2009

The “Frate Sole” Foundation, in order to highlight the contribution of young graduates who have done dissertations related to a Christian Church project, has set up the third European Award for Sacred Architecture for the year 2009. The purpose of this Award is to encourage, since the early University period, interest and research in the area of cult architecture and to enhance artistic and mystical qualities in order to develop a sacred space of spiritual exaltation.

Venerdì 2 ottobre 2009 presso la Sala delle Conferenze nel Palazzo del Broletto di Pavia, si è svolta la cerimonia di premiazione del terzo Premio Europeo di Architettura Sacra con cadenza biennale – edizione per Tesi di Laurea e Master.
Alla presenza delle Autorità si è svolto il dibattito sul tema lo spazio sacro contemporaneo, presieduto da Mons. ing. Giuseppe Russo, Responsabile del Servizio Nazionale per l'edilizia di culto, hanno presentato il proprio intervento:
prof. arch. Esteban Fernandez Cobian, Università di La Coruña;
prof. arch. Giorgio Della Longa, Università di Bologna;
prof. arch. Remo Dorigati, Politecnico di Milano;
prof. arch. Andrea Longhi, Politecnico di Torino;
prof. ing. Marco Morandotti, Università degli Studi di Pavia.

La Commissione giudicatrice dei progetti di tesi di Laurea e di prova finale di Master presentati alla terza edizione del Premio Europeo di Architettura Sacra – Fondazione Frate Sole, anno 2009, dopo attento esame degli elaborati sottoposti, ha pubblicato i 4 nomi vincitori:
Diana Ramos Gonçalves
Luca Milan, Pietro Rosellini, Fabrizio Sainati, Simone Santuzzi, Giulio Vatteroni
Floriana Sperati
Pier Paolo Presta
_two pictures from my Final Thesis awarded at the European Prize of Sacred Architecture 2009

Sunday, October 11

International Workshop LAN ON SITE@Rome

The workshop proposes the exploration of ‘digital tectonics’ whereby the emphasis is on total integration between digital modeling and fabrication at a 1:1 scale. Parametric design will be utilized in both methodology and modeling, where students will explore both associative and generative techniques that investigate variation in form and stress physical production design integration. The workshop will result in the production of full scale, digitally manufactured prototypes. The workshop will emphasize the importance of fusing the three topics, and the final outcome will consist of a fully integrated design- to-production prototypes through engagement with accessible CNC production means–3d printer, CNC routers & laser cutters.

Three main topics will be examined 1/ digital design theory, 2/ parametric design + modeling [RHINO, RHINO SCRIPTING, PARACLOUD] and 3/ digital fabrication [RHINOCAM] Each of the four tutors hold different specializations within the stated aspects.

This is my Wall Grasshopper Definition & CNC Model:

Tuesday, September 8

Thursday, July 30

"Interweave" Pavillion

Few seconds after I realized this new experiment, I immediately came to mind those pipes that are used in swimming pool for aquagym...
With a good dose of imagination, I thought that the polyethylene closed cell foam could be suitable material for the construction of this temporary installation.

Sunday, May 10

Final Thesis | Church of St. Pio of Pietrelcina in Rome

This is the first real post that I dedicate to my thesis discussed on 7 October 2008.Subject of the thesis is the Church of St. Pio of Pietrelcina situated in Malafede near Rome.I chose to do a video in which I have collected many images that show the early stages and the finals that led to the conclusion of my Final Thesis in Engineering at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome.

_section of the liturgical area and weekday chapel.

_view from main entrance: parish hall on the left and liturgical area on the right.

_view from second entrance: priest's appartment, weekday chapel and parish offices.