Sunday, October 11

International Workshop LAN ON SITE@Rome

The workshop proposes the exploration of ‘digital tectonics’ whereby the emphasis is on total integration between digital modeling and fabrication at a 1:1 scale. Parametric design will be utilized in both methodology and modeling, where students will explore both associative and generative techniques that investigate variation in form and stress physical production design integration. The workshop will result in the production of full scale, digitally manufactured prototypes. The workshop will emphasize the importance of fusing the three topics, and the final outcome will consist of a fully integrated design- to-production prototypes through engagement with accessible CNC production means–3d printer, CNC routers & laser cutters.

Three main topics will be examined 1/ digital design theory, 2/ parametric design + modeling [RHINO, RHINO SCRIPTING, PARACLOUD] and 3/ digital fabrication [RHINOCAM] Each of the four tutors hold different specializations within the stated aspects.

This is my Wall Grasshopper Definition & CNC Model:

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