Wednesday, April 17

The Europe's Become | MADEOFFICE 2nd Prize Award

MADEOFFICE was awarded the second prize of the International Competition "THE EUROPE'S BECOME": architectural ideas, creative and artistic expressions for the conservation of the future of Europe.

"It is in this perspective that the Association Atelier PAEMA calls for design ideas that are architectural, creative, artistic; and simultaneously lead to a synthesis of the European values interpretations for the past, present, and future: what the European cultural heritage has represented, what it is now, what we hope it will become and how all this can be expressed in a symbol, in a function, in a place.
In a time of severe and prolonged global economic crisis, when there is a high risk to impoverish the European cultural dimension, the present International design competition seeks to counter this trend and aims at providing visibility to the positive elements that underlie the European identity, the process of integration and its cultural value. Coherent with this vision, Atelier PAEMA proposes to give visibility to Europe, even in a symbolic way, in order to convey the many meanings belonging to its citizens and territories (historical, philosophical, scientific, literary, architectural, humanistic, creative, artistic, economical, social, spiritual, ethical, etc.). The goal is to help re-launch the European values, the consciousness of a shared destiny that, besides the foundation of peace and security, might offer a common horizon pointing Europeans the path to be undertaken, also by recognizing its value and expressing its evolution. A highly functional artistic-design-cultural vision, therefore, requires the competitors to synthesize the exceptional and unique cultural heritage, both material and nonmaterial, which Europe has maintained during the time and will project in the future. The competition requires participants to express an "ideal symbol" of Europe, and to propose an area to place it. The design idea can be seen as an expression of architecture, art, landscape, urban design, engineering, or as a combination of them, having the "status" of "place of public interest". It should, moreover, possess functions and usability of public utility, for example, an open area, a green space, a park, a shoreline, a promontory, a square, an existing building reconverted."

The evaluation Commission is composed of eleven members:

Stefan Behnisch (Architect, Behnisch Architekten);
Dennis Crompton (Architect, Archigram);
Gabriele Del Mese (Engineer, Arup consultant);
Mariangela Falà (Vice President of Atelier PAEMA);
Ruggero Lenci (Architect, RL Space Lab);
Carme Pinós (Architect, Estudio Carme Pinós);
Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi (Architect, President of AIAC, Italian Assoc. of Architecture and Critic);
Franco Purini (Architect, Studio Purini-Thermes);
Adèle Naudé Santos (Architect, Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at MIT);
Claudio Strinati (Art Critic);
An architect designated or approved by UIA (International Union of Architects).

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