Tuesday, August 12

"Monumental Loop Structures" | online publications 2014

In this post we want to thank all the websites from all over the world who have published our project. We also thank the hundreds tweets and invite you to follow us on our official twitter page.

    •  "MADEOFFICE architects' latest proposal creates a monumental architecture piece that is set to symbolize the institution's immense effect on its united countries and the rest of Europe...The curved structure is not only visually striking but is reminiscent of a sculptural monument."  source: Trend Hunter - art & design
      • "madeoffice envisions a universal symbol of the european union...madeoffice has released the visuals for their project titled ‘the european spiral,’ which operates as a monument in ode to the european union...the history of 28 countries are intertwined and metaphorically evolve together towards a future where the choices of a one influence those of another. formally, this can be seen as the folds of the spiral adapt to the needs of the next space that occurs along the sinuous path..." source: Designboom
      • "The European Spiral is the work of MADEOFFICE architects and a universal symbol for the European Union..."  source: Archiscene
      •  "...the European Spiral conjures the biblical reference of the Tower of Babel..." source: Casamea 

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